aircraft-noise-heart-risk_166x138_98449293“Living near an airport may increase your chances of dying from stroke, heart and circulatory disease,” The Daily Mail reports.

Researchers have compared data on daytime and night-time aircraft noise with hospital admissions and death rates among 3.6 million people living near London’s Heathrow airport.

They found that risks of hospital admission and death from stroke, heart and cardiovascular diseases are between 10 and 25 per cent higher in areas with high levels of aircraft noise.

With arguments raging about the proposed expansion of Heathrow and other airports to increase UK flight capacity, the possible impact of aircraft noise on stress levels and health is an important topic for research.

However, the results of this large study should be viewed with caution. As the authors point out, they were unable to take account of individual factors which might affect the risk of these diseases such as diet, smoking, lack of exercise and other medical disorders.

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