Smoking is an escalating public health problem in a developing country like India. WHO has recently introduced as fourth global health threat (1). Cigarette smoking is a dominant annually risk factor for premature or accelerated peripheral, coronary and cerebral atherosclerosis vascular disease. In the present study an attempt has been made to find out the effect of smoking on lipids profile in healthy smokers. Results are compared with that of same age groups healthy non smokers.


1. To study alteration in lipid profile in healthy smokers and compare the same with lipid profile of non-smokers.
2. To find out correlation between the numbers of cigarette smoked to the degree of alteration in profile in different age group.
3. To relate lipid profile alteration with duration of smoking.
4. To find risk stratification on the basis of dyslipidemia in smokers.
Material and Method: The present study was carried out at B .J. Medical College, Civil Hospital Ahmedabad. The period of study was June 2012 to December 2012.Healthy smokers were selected mainly from hospital staff and relatives of patients of civil hospital Ahmedabad. A total 130 cases were studied for estimation of lipid profile.


In the present study age wise prevalence of smoking is maximum in 30- 39 years group. Smoking causes alteration in lipid profile and risk of cardiovascular diseases. Amount and duration of smoking also influence dyslipidemia. The rapid reduction in risks of cardiac events after cessation of smoking implies that policies that prevent and reduce smoking will have large benefits for reducing cardiovascular mortality.

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