To identify possible predictors of post-cessation weight gain in smoking abstainers.

Patients and methods
A sample of 607 successful abstainers seen at the Centre for Tobacco-Dependent in Prague, Czech Republic, between 2005 and 2010, was included in this analysis. This sample was followed up for 1 year and included 47.9% women (N = 291) with the mean age of 48 years (18–85).

Post-cessation weight gain occurred in 88.6% of the 607 abstainers. The mean weight gain after one year post-quit was 5.1 kg (95% confidence interval 4.7–5.5 kg). Baseline characteristics associated with increased weight gain included a higher baseline smoking rate (p < 0.001), more severe cigarette dependence (p = 0.003), less physical activity (p = 0.008), and a report of increased appetite on the baseline assessment of withdrawal symptoms (p < 0.001).

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