hypnosis worksWhen cancer clients/patients come into our consulting rooms they may expect miracles from hypnosis . Hypnosis is not magic, but its positive effects may sometimes seem nothing short of miraculous for the cancer client/patient in the way that it can help the patient cope with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and increase their self-efficacy. This paper will outline the use of psychological intervention and more specifically hypnosis with cancer clients/patients.

It is based on the workshop presented at the Australian Society of Hypnosis Congress in 2012 on Daydream Island. The workshop was divided into two parts. The first part was presented by Dr Norman Shum and discussed Zen Buddhism and meditation, and how meditation fits within Buddhist philosophy . It also included some aspects of psychological intervention, such as pain control, which for brevity purposes was included in this section . The second part focused exclusively on cancer and the use of hypnosis with cancer clients/patients, and was presented by Dr Sue Stefanovic.

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