Hypnotherapy can be used extensively for a wide range of conditions in the field of psychiatry: it is valuable for treatment of anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, eating disorders, depression, psychosexual disorders, addictions, and particularly, in the treatment of phobic disorders.

Hypnotherapy is advantageous, as it allows patients to face their fears in a relaxed and safe environment. In Hypnotherapy, patients are able to explore problem areas together with the therapist.

For example, the hypnotherapy treatment was applied to tackle driving phobia on 37-years -old married woman, a community physiatric nurse who requested assistance with driving difficulties following a number of accidents, and maintained by avoidance behavior. This avoidance was affecting her professional life and she was keen to see whether the use of hypnotherapy could help her. Four sessions were undertaken and, although she retained some anxiety, sufficient progress was established for her to make a long-distance trip that she has been avoiding for several years. Reviewing progress, a year later, she reported that residual anxiety had diminished and that progress had continued. (Contemporary hypnosis, vol.22.p 99-103)