hypnosis for painWRMDs and muscle pain affecting the wrists, shoulders, neck and back are common problems for workers in different industries, including the clothing industry, and are caused by ergonomic risks [1,2]. The risks for clothing industry employees’ – sewing machine operator’s (sewers), cutters, etc., in many cases have been linked with poor workstation design, and organizational factors such as the piecework system. Work monotony and compulsory postures promote fatigue and other work-related health problems. Therefore, the respective muscle group tension is considered to be the main cause of pain. A high occurrence of musculoskeletal complaints among clothing industry employees has been already described by many authors [3-8].

It is known that high work pace, lack of control over work, and insufficient co-workers’ support can lead to muscles fatigue and chronic pain in different body parts [9,10]. At the same time it is estimated that 30-54% of chronic pain patients suffer from severe forms of depression caused by stress at work [11]. These persons are less active and report on greater disability and interference with their daily activities due to pain [12,13]. It has serious social, psychological and economical consequences in Latvia, because it is often associated with long-term employee absenteeism due to illness or even disability, which to a certain extent influences workers’ life quality in general.

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