Are you interested in the human mind? Do people come to you naturally for advice? If you are then you may just be a visionary, just like those who came before you within the field of clinical hypnotherapy.

These visionaries included such names as Sigmund Freud and even in today’s health care system our very own Minister for Health Dr James Reilly has trained within this field.

Clinical hypnotherapy is nothing to do with stage shows or swinging watches, and was in fact developed by the American Psychiatrist Milton Erickson who used it with great effect for treating clients suffering from a variety of issues in few sessions.

Hypnotherapy Training Facts

  • Did you know that Hypnosis is over 30 Times as effective for weight loss then any other treatment?
  • Or that Hypnosis subjects lost more weight than 90% of others and kept it off?
  • Or when it came to stopping smoking that hypnosis has a 90.6% success rate for smoking cessation using hypnosis?
  • Another report stated that 87% reported abstinence from tobacco use with hypnosis?

These are the facts to why clinical hypnotherapy is a career you really need to learn about. From the dramatic instant induction to the therapeutic progression Gastric Band operation. Learn the secrets and truth behind one of the most powerful therapies and courses in the world by attending our course to become a certified hypnotherapist.

Under the guidance of psychologist and certified National Guild of Hypnotherapy (NGH) Instructor Jason O’Callaghan. Our course runs one weekend per month over 4 months with a single day graduation at the end when you will be presented with your certification by the NGH and membership card.

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