The D4 Clinic offers a counselling and therapy service

headed by the Trinity College Junior Dean, Dr Tim Trimble.

Psychotherapy at the D4 Clinic, directed by Dr Tim Trimble, Junior Dean of Trinity College Dublin.

We all face difficulties and challenges from time to time and therapy can help.

The D4 Clinic offers a psychotherapy service that involves working with a chartered psychologist and integrative psychotherapist to address specific issues or difficulties while enabling change.

How psychotherapy can help and promote change

Research has demonstrated that psychotherapy is hugely effective at reducing distress with numerous studies showing that it is as effective as antidepressants. Furthermore, therapy is more likely to help you long term. It can be organised in different ways depending on the clients’ needs. For instance, it can help you accept and recover from challenging experiences you may have encountered in the past.

The process of psychotherapy will examine recurring themes and patterns in your life and explore how they relate to you, your personality and history such as your upbringing, family circumstances, the challenges you have faced and the ways you have learned to cope. This focus enables change by increasing your insight and understanding about the underlying causes of the problems you experience. Therapy will support you to create alternative ways to think, behave and respond to the world. Regardless of the approach, techniques or theoretical orientation, successful therapy should help you to build positive coping strategies, reduce painful thoughts and feelings and allow a fresh and happier outlook.


Integrative therapy

Integrative psychotherapy uses a combined approach that incorporates different elements of various therapeutic models. Integrative psychotherapists believe that no single psychotherapeutic approach is useful and appropriate for all clients. Each person is unique and must be considered in their entirety. Therefore, the techniques used should be suitable and tailored towards individual needs, personal preferences and circumstances.

The integrative approach highlights the rich diversity in the ways psychology can be used to explore and understand the mind- no all-encompassing theory exists. Therefore, many theoretical frameworks have inherent value- even when their underpinning principles contradict each other- and consequently must be integrated. Typically, integrative therapists consider the whole person including their personality, wants and needs by incorporating the physiological, cognitive, behavioural and affective systems within the individual while also addressing the social, cultural and spiritual facets. Therapy is tailored to the client rather than the client moulded to the therapy.

More about how integrative therapy works


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Evidence suggests the type of therapy you have is less important than the kind of person you have therapy with. The therapeutic relationship (also called the therapeutic alliance) is a critical aspect of change. Therefore, it is so important that you have a therapist that you trust, are confident with and believe can help you discover the answers that you need.

The D4 Clinic has partnered with a therapist, Dr Tim Trimble, because he is highly trained and experienced, with extensive clinical expertise but also because we like him and we hope that you will too.


Dr Tim Trimble

BSc (HONS) MSc MA PhD C. Psychol

Tim Trimble is Junior Dean of Trinity College Dublin, a Professor in Applied Psychology, a Forensic Psychologist and Course Director of the MSc in Applied Psychology at Trinity College Dublin. He is trained as a psychologist and psychotherapist to work in an evidence-based and considered manner, according to the needs of particular clients and contexts.

Tim has worked therapeutically with clients experiencing a wide range of life issues, difficulties, problems and crises. These may be the effects of childhood sexual abuse, relationship breakdown, domestic violence and major trauma. He has also worked with those experiencing the symptoms of psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder.

Dr Trimble is available for afternoon sessions and covers a wide variety of issues using psychotherapy, counselling, clinical hypnotherapy. He also offer psychology assessments.
His rates are €100 per session and an agreed amount of sessions are recommended.
For more information please contact 01 6855511