Many are wondering if there is any difference between stage hypnosis and clinical hypnosis.
In the next serious of blogs we will try to answer most of those questions related to clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy as a powerful and safe tool to tackle many foibas, bad habits and stress.

Stage hypnosis is usually done for entertainment and happens in front of an audience. So, participants have social pressure on them which is leading them to follow the hypnotist’s commands and pretend they are in a trance, even if they are not.
However, clinical hypnosis can be used therapeutically to reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety, and to study the human mind and mental health.
Clinical hypnosis is done in a private setting. The hypnotherapist does not give ‘commands,’ but rather gives suggestions and invites the patient to experience them.
The hypnotic experience is purely internal; despite feelings of deep relaxation, the mind and body remain alert. The hypnotherapist cannot control an individual’s actions.
If a person doesn’t want to do something in real life, they will not do it under hypnosis. There is no element of pressure in clinical hypnosis, unlike in stage hypnosis.
Although being under hypnosis may offer similar feelings of relaxation as taking a nap, you never lose consciousness under hypnosis—making it a safe practice.