hypnosis in psychiatryPart 5 of this series concentrates on the practical use of hypnosis as an adjunct to therapy in the treatment of specific phobias, focusing on animal and situational subtypes. The author evaluates the effectiveness of a range of interventions which have been shown to have been valuable in treatment. The report shows how hypnosis may be employed effectively in conjunction with behavioural approaches, including cognitive restructuring and systematic desensitization, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and dental treatment.

There are a surprisingly large number of advertisements in the media which claim that phobias can be treated quickly using behavioural therapy; however, although in vitro desensitization and imaginal exposure have been employed successfully by clinicians, when the source of the phobic anxiety is in early childhood further psychological investigation is often required. This study discusses the implications of using a number of hypnotic techniques which have been employed in clinical practice.

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